Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Coalition For Progress

The Coalition For Progress

In order to solve our national and world problems and build a better future for humanity, we will need a great deal of money.

We have to get it by heavily taxing the extremely rich. This is difficult to do, because they are very powerful, but it is possible if we are willing to work together for progress, justice, expanding opportunity, equal opportunity for all, and equality. And we have to do it, or else America and the world are doomed to ever-increasing inequality, injustice, poverty, stagnation, and hopelessness for the great majority, and we will never achieve the great destiny humankind deserves and is potentially capable of.

The key is uniting all progressives and populists, who are working for many and varied causes, from health care to the environment and the space program, from immigration reform to raising the minimum wage to balancing the federal budget, to work together--because the one thing we all have in common is the great need for a huge increase in national public spending--rather than fighting each other over shares of the current, limited, inadequate tax revenues.

The main key to taxing the rich is that we will have to hit the streets in large numbers, to demonstrate for our demands for government responses to our problems and our aspirations for a better nation and world. These demonstrations might be led by factions demanding jobs or some other specific issue, but we all in fact share the same values and can all join in the rallies, marches, and public forums.

We can also use techniques such as ballot initiatives to prove the support of the people for our ideas. But even with such proof of the popular will, our government might resist meeting our demands--because our rulers are dominated by the very rich, whose interests are contrary to the needs of the people--so we will have to force the issue by hitting the streets by the millions.

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